NOTE: Know that when the dealer button is on you that you have the option to deal, have another player deal or have a designated player dealer deal for you. You can also cut the deck on your button.


These events are player ran by a table captain. The table captain is in charge of the table. This includes enforcing rules (TDA and house), moving action, selling and cashing out chips and overall running the table (includes not allowing members that they find disruptive).

NEW - When there are multiple equity cash events happening at one time when you go to join a table you must join the table that is 6 players or less. Also, you are not allowed to leave one event of a table of less than 7 players to join one that has 7 or more players. You are allowed to cash out of any event on the half hour but if you intend on joining another event the table you left must be at 7 players or more or you are joining a table with less than 7 players.