PLAYER: A player is defined as a person who has bought into the cash timed event at some point during the event itself.

BUY IN: The minimum buy in for a Equity Cash event is $1 for any event and will receive $1 in tournament chips. For tournaments they are all free-rolls for all members and you will receive one big blind. If you buy-in for the minimum then you are not allowed to add-on, re-buy or re- enter the event that you bought in for the minimum. In order to be able to add-on, re-buy or re-enter an event you must buy in for the stated amount of the tournament ($20 on equity events and posted buy-in for tournaments)

DEALERS: The table has a designated PLAYER dealer(table captain) but when it is your button you can choose to deal, shuffle, cut or throw cards. That option is always available when you are on the button. If you choose to deal then the person to your left will cut the cards.

BREAKS: When the designated PLAYER dealer(table captain) takes a break you can at that point continue to play by passing the deal or choose to have a table break. To pass the deal you need at least two players at the table to continue playing.

MISSING HANDS: You are not allowed to miss hands and you will be dealt cards and pay blinds

SHOWING HANDS: In a not all-in situation the last aggressor shows cards first. In an all-in situation all hands must be tabled

HOUSE RULE for equity cash events only - Player ran and player dealt events (table captain)

LENGTH of event - The length of the equity cash event is no less than one hour and is determined by the table captain before the event starts.

BUY IN - $20 to $80 with re-buys and add-ons allowed as long as you are less than $80 on table

EQUITY CASH OUT - Much like a true cash final table you find in casinos you are allowed to do a Equity Cash out every 30 minutes on the clock. If you do an equity cash out you are not allowed to reenter the event that you cashed out of.

PASSING OF CHIPS: You are allowed to pass chips during a cash shootout event as long as they stay on the table to any active player.

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In General Oregon Poker Club plays by the TDA Rules. There are few exceptions and those will be outlined in the House Rules Section

This is a link to TDA rules