A table captain is a player in the game that has chosen to be the head of the table. As a table captain they are taking on many responsibilities.

1) All players are to deal on their button, but as a courtesy the table captians  are available to the table to deal for those players that do not choose to deal themselves. As such they always start in seat 10, but so as to not give them any advantage they always start the tournament in the small blind.

2) Table captains are the head of the table and as such act as the floor for table disputes. If you disagree with a table ruling you can call the club floor to also help settle disputes.

                                                                                                   EQUITY CASH TOURNAMENTS

3) When a table captain is running a equity cash tournament they are in total control of this tournament. They are a player, table captain and main floor.

        a) The table captain does all buy-ins for the tournament (mindful of the formula for maximum number of chips allowed on a table)

        b) The table captain determines the length of the tournament before the start of the tournament (minimum 1 hour)

        c) The table captain holds all the money for the tournament

        d) The table captain pays out the prize pool at the end of the tournament and during equity cash outs (Chips have no cash value, they are only

             used to determine the players percentage of the prize pool)

Reminder: Table captains are players and as such act like players