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Members Only Poker Club

Oregon poker club is a member and member guest only nonprofit mutual benefit social poker club. Our purpose is to provide the members with a safe, fun and social  environment to play and enjoy all the aspects of poker.

SINCE 2010

Oregon poker club strives to offer a fun, social and affordable environment to enjoy social gaming. We are located in bars and as such we have music playing in the back ground, sports on the TVs and noise from the patrons. This is a social environment and not a Vegas style card room. There is drinking, laughing and load voices at times. We were formed as a mutual benefit club with a focus on fun and socializing. Our table captains are players and as such act like players.  We adhere to the rules of poker (TDA) but we do offer warnings and learning instruction on etiquette. We are not casino strict but we do follow TDA rules with  a few house rules. You will not hear the shuffling of chips here.  You will probably hear 80s rock, laughter and table banter. We are a laid back and social gaming club.


Oregon poker club is a social gaming club. In the state of Oregon social gaming is against the law unless a city, county or municipality has passed an ordinance to make it legal. The club was formed in 2010 and based at Claudia's bar and grill. The club was formed to provide a place where members could meet to play, socialize and enjoy social gaming in all of its forms. The other purpose of the club is to make these games as affordable as possible as to maintain the social and entertainment value of the experience. We offer multiple table tournaments and equity cash one table tournaments 7 days week. The buy-ins on the multiple table tournaments range from $10 to $40 and  for the single table equity cash events it ranges from $1 to $100.

In 2018 we changed our corporate classification to a non-profit mutual benefit club. That means that we are members and member guest only and we are 100% funded by member facility fees. In order to maintain our goal of affordability we have a small $5 a day facility fees (compare that to $15 at other for profit clubs) and if you use the facilities often you might consider the $50 a month fee which gives you access to facilities for the entire calendar month. The fees are used to pay for cleaning, insurance, cards, tables, chairs, upkeep and payroll. In order to keep the fees as low as possible we keep payroll and rent to a minimum.

In order to keep these expenses to a minimum we find locations that allow us to use the facilities at no cost or a nominal fee. The facilities we use benefit from our club members being there with food and drink purchases as well as video lottery and off track racing income. It is a good relationship and benefits both the club and the local business. The other aspect of keeping facility fees low is keeping labor at a minimum. The only payroll expense is the tournament director. The tables are ran entirely by players (table captains). The table captains offer a valuable benefit to the club as they help make the experience for all members run more smooth.

It is important to understand that table captains are players as well. And as such they can act like any other player. The table captains are educated in the rules of poker (TDA) and help move action on the table. All tables are self dealt tables, but if on your button you choose not to deal AND the table captain agrees, they can deal for you. You always can shuffle, cut, deal or ask any player at the table to deal for you. It is entirely your option. If that player does not want to deal they are not required to (that includes the table captain). Also, in the one table equity events those are entirely player ran. The table captain is entirely in charge of the table. They sell the chips, they cash out the chips and run the table ( this includes not allowing disruptive players on their table). The only restriction on the table captain is the amount of chips allowed on the table due to city of Portland rules and regulations.

231 SW Ankeny St