We are a Members only nonprofit social gaming club. The purpose of our club is to provide a low stress social enviornment for people to talk about, play and enjoy the many aspects of poker. We currently have more than 300 registered members and in order to become a member you must have a love of the game of poker and be interested in the social aspects and entertainment value of playing poker.

Once you have submitted your application for membership you will be allowed to participate in all that our club offers. In addition to the social games we have fanasty sports leagues, Free pool and shuffle board at Stadiums sports bar for members only, fundraising events for charities and club sports and we have an affliate page on our website where you can register your service or business for free advertising.

We provide voluntary dealers when one is available or you can just pass the deal if no volunteer is available. We play affordable stakes poker as our purpose is to socialize and enjoy the atmosphere of like minded individuals. Tournament buyins range from $15 to $40 and cash timed events are .25/.50 at 30th and Hawthorne location and .50/$1 at the Rialto location. If you are not a member of the club and wish to play you must be sponsered by a member in order to play.


We are a self-dealt Nonprofit social gaming club. Players will be asked to deal per hand either verbally or through the passing of the button. Players may opt for another player or desiginated dealer to deal their button for them if they choose. Oregon Poker Club appreciates your cooperation.

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For those who didn't know our membership fee is good at all of our locations. Should you be at Claudia's and wish to go down to Rialto simply ask your dealer for your business card to present at Rialto

Oregon poker club is a member and member guest only social  poker club to explore  the entertainment and social aspects of poker